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Gluten-free Organic Maple Sweetened Vanilla Cake, 8"

Gluten-free Organic Maple Sweetened Vanilla Cake, 8"

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Our gluten-free and vegan vanilla cake has a moist and tender crumb, sweetened only with organic maple from Roxbury Mountain Maple in the Catskills. This cake is a three layer cake with a generous amount of our signature Maple Frosting that is either vanilla or the option of Chocolate. We also offer a variety of decorations including sprinkles (plant-based colors from Color Kitchen), fresh Greenmarket flowers (depending on the season), and either HBD or numbers on the cake. (Please email for specifics with order#). 

You can select your choice of cake filling, toppings and decorations as below.

Chocolate: We use melted Fine + Raw and Raaka Chocolate for chocolate cake/cream. All chocolate flavors (cake/frosting)are an additional 10$ 

Fillings:  you can keep it plain frosting, or add Raspberry Chia smash Jam for an additional charge (sweetened with dates and a bright fruity flavor)


-classic Vanilla or Chocolate Maple Cream (just frosted, no decoration or additions)

Decorations: additional pricing as described

- SPRINKLES: plant-based sprinkles from Go Supernatural or Color Kitchen (sprinkles on top)

-HBD/birthday numbers: We offer HBD or numbers for any birthday cake. Please email for specific requests. 

-FRESH GREENMARKET FLOWERS- grown by Two Guys from Woodbridge, Luna Family Farm, or Rooted Family Farm at Union Square Greenmarket. Flowers depend on season and availability. 

This item is only available for pickup and NYC delivery. See details below.

  • gluten-free
  • refined sugar-free
  • regional products
  • organic ingredients
  • vegan


Our cakes are made with the finest quality ingredients: organic almond flour, organic cassava flour, fresh-milled sorghum, organic coconut milk, organic maple syrup, organic maple cream, organic palm shortening, Tahitian Vanilla, Himalayan pink sea salt, coconut oil, and baking soda.

pickup + shipping

Full cakes are available to pickup only at the GrowNYC Greenmarkets 8-11 in the hotter summer months. .

We are at Union Square on Wednesdays, and Saturday at two markets: McCarren and Fort Greene Greenmarkets.

We also can arrange pickup at our kitchens at the customers convenience/uber. Please email to inquire about arranging a pickup. Thank you!

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