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Gluten-free regional grain LOVENOLA

Gluten-free regional grain LOVENOLA

2 bags (250g each)

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Lovenola Granola is vegan, sweetened only with organic maple syrup from Roxbury Mountain, and filled with regional buckwheat groats, cracked and rolled oats, and a bounty of nuts and organic shredded coconut.

Meant for a snack right out of your hand, or add to your favorite yogurt or smoothie bowl for a crunch. Each order is 2 bags of granola.

We fill our granola in a corn-based biodegradable bag that has a loud crinkle sound but can be composted. Each bag is 250 grams/8.9 oz of granola, hand-tied with a cotton baker's cord.

Please note preorder and shipping deadlines below.

  • gluten-free
  • refined sugar-free
  • regional products
  • organic ingredients
  • vegan


Organic buckwheat groats (Birkett Mills), organic rolled oats (Maine Grains), organic cracked oats (Maine Grains), organic maple syrup (Roxbury Mountain Maple), almond butter (OnceAgain), organic sunflower seeds, organic pumpkin seeds, slivered almonds, organic coconut, organic olive oil (Zoe Gourmet), whole almonds, walnuts, pecans, organic flaxseed, Himalayan sea salt, fair-trade cinnamon

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- USQ: Order by Sunday at 5pm to pick up at Union Square Greenmarket on Wednesday
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Please pickup all greenmarket orders from 8-1pm.

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