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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order bread?

Orders for the following week may be placed online. Orders for shipping must be placed by 5 pm Sunday evening for Tuesday ship date. Orders for NYC pickup on Friday must be placed by 8pm Wednesday evening for Friday pickup. Saturday local pickup is also an option. Please select your flavor and your shipping/pickup/delivery spot. We are following the strict guidelines of safety in our commercial kitchen and distribution.

How do I store my Knead Love Sourdough Loaf?

We recommend keeping your bread well-wrapped in beeswax wrap or foil and then placing it in a sealed container. Bread can be kept on the counter for two days and the remainder should be sliced, wrapped, and frozen. *Love* tip: double-wrap bread in a reusable plastic bag in the freezer or double-wrapped to keep bread safe from freezer burn. And this way, you can make a toast whenever you desire!

How do I store the Paleo Pumpkin Spice Bread?

This bread is baked with eggs and should be kept in the refrigerator. After four to five days, we recommend wrapping and freezing any remaining bread (we’ve usually eaten ours at this point). You should slice and wrap well so it is easy to toast. 

Is Knead Love safe for celiac?

All of our ingredients are gluten-free but we bake in a kitchen that also processes wheat. Therefore we cannot guarantee that there is no contact with wheat. Please proceed with caution for your personal sensitivity.

Is the bread vegan?

Currently we use raw honey in the first stage of fermentation for the sourdough starter. (For vegans who do not consume honey we offer other products that are clearly marked). There is no dairy used in any of the products.

How is the bread made?

The sourdough process takes three days. It begins by feeding the starter (named Seymour) fresh milled brown rice or oat flour, and water. After feeding, Seymour ferments for 12-14 hours. Then, a leaven is made using additional milled brown rice or oat flour, and water. Twelve to fourteen hours later, we have the base starter used in our bread. Each loaf is prepared and then ferments for 24 hours before baking. This process allows the sourdough bacteria to grow properly and creates the depth of flavors. 

I really want/knead bread now (we know the feeling), can I place a rush order?

Sourdough is fed and flours are freshly milled according to order quantities. Fermentation takes two days, which means orders must be placed in advance and we are unable to do rush orders outside of our bi-weekly production cycle.

What are the benefits of sourdough, and how does it get that sour flavor? 

Sourdough lowers the glycemic index of the bread. Sourdough is the fermentation process of dough using naturally occurring lactobacillus cultures. Using freshly milled grains provides an optimal feeding environment for the sourdough bacteria. The acids produced by the various bacteria that inhabit the dough lower the pH level, creating the distinct sour flavor. Also, lower phytate levels make the bread more easily digestible.

Do you ship?

Yes, we’re currently shipping within the U.S. with UPS.

A last note about sourdough:

The bread is made by hand and sometimes may not look exactly like the picture. Like life, sourdough is wild and changes every week due to heat, water, milled flour size, etc. We carve hearts into each loaf and sometimes in the oven it becomes invisible if the dough rises higher. No two loaves are ever the same, and that is something we embrace about working with specialty ingredients and techniques.