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Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie, Pickup only!

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Our gluten-free, vegan, and refined sugar-free pumpkin pie!

We toast and hand-mill organic cracked oats from Maine Grains and use them prominently in our pie crust so there is a texture and nutty flavor that compliments the creamy pumpkin filling. 

Piped organic maple cream rosettes bring a touch of sweetness and balance to the spiced but not-too-sweet filling. 8.5" pie


There are three pickup options for this pie.

Pickup on Saturday, November 20 at Fort Greene Greenmarket

Pickup on Saturday, November 20 at McCarren Greenmarket

Pickup on Wednesday, November 24 at Union Square Greenmarket


Ingredients: Hand-milled organic oats, hand-milled organic brown rice, organic buckwheat flour, organic maple syrup, organic tapioca flour, organic palm shortening, organic psyllium husk, organic pumpkin, organic coconut milk, maple cream, Tahitian vanilla, Himalayan Sea Salt