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Cinny Bun Cake - Pickup Only

Our classic GF sourdough, vegan, cinny buns made into a cake!

Hand rolled cinny buns made into a cake, covered with swirling maple cream icing. 

Available for pickup at McCarren Greenmarket on Saturdays, Union Square Greenmarket on Wednesdays.

7": $120 (13 Cinny buns)

8": $153 (17 Cinny buns)

10": $180 (21 Cinny buns)

Ingredients: Ingredients: GF Sourdough brown rice Starter, Oat flour, Buckwheat flour, Organic Tapioca flour, organic coconut milk, Roxbury Mountain Maple syrup, coconut oil, Roxbury Maple cream, organic palm shortening, organic flaxseeds, organic psyllium husk, fair trade cinnamon, organic coconut sugar, baking powder.


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