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Take a Pizza My Heart Kit-Knead Love x Montys x City Saucery Valentine's Pizza Kit!

A triple collab with our favorite friends, City Saucery and Monty's, who make our perfect pizza dreams come true. 

City Saucery is our Greenmarket neighbor whose tent sits across from us every Wednesday at Union Square! They partner with local farmers to use regional tomatoes in all their flavorful sauces. The pizza sauce is handmade in small batches, and we love its vibrant tomato flavor. 

Monty's is our favorite plant-based cheese company, who creates a special and unique product using only a handful of ingredients and relying on fermentation for flavor and nutrition. Lauren, the founder of Monty's, is equally obsessed with quality ingredients, fermenting, and high vibes. Her innovative techniques and ability to make her ideas come to life are always inspiring for us to see. All of Monty's products are made without any preservatives, gums and use slow fermentation to achieve incredible flavor.

Monty's is hand-making their special almond cashew fermented ricotta just for us! 

It is not available in any retail location- just in this special pizza kit available for pre-order only.

This Valentine's Pizza kit comes in a pink cake box, and includes:

-2 Gf Sourdough par-baked pizza crusts (one plain and one organic rosemary + organic thyme)

-one jar of City Saucery pizza sauce

-one jar of Monty's plant-based almond cashew ricotta.

This item is available for pickup: Saturday February 11th, and for Manhattan delivery on Sunday, February 12th from 11-3.

We also can offer pickup at our LIC kitchen, please email for scheduling this. 

gf Sourdough pizza crust: organic oats, organic sourdough starter (organic brown rice), organic millet, organic teff, organic buckwheat, organic psyllium husk, raw regional honey, pink sea salt, organic olive oil, fresh organic rosemary, organic thyme 

ricotta: Organic Cashews, almonds, filtered water, sea salt, cultures

pizza sauce: organic regional tomatoes, regional basil, regional garlic