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Mixed Emotions Gluten-free, Vegan BROOKIE (Half Brownie, Half GF Sourdough Chocolate Chip Cookie)

Mixed Emotions! The best of both worlds in one. 

One half of a Gluten-free, Vegan, organic maple syrup sweetened brownie with half of a gluten-free sourdough double chocolate chip cookie.

The frosting on cake ONLY for local pickup. Unfortunately we cannot ship these with icing at this time. The frosting will smush if shipped and that would be a bummer. 

Perfect for a group! It freezes so well, you can keep eating bit by bit through deep winter. (Just wrap well and airtight)

Phrases up to 10 letters are in beet tinted organic maple cream frosting +$10 additional. If you want to further customize messages or special words, please reach out to

Message +$10